Cottage Style Party & WLYS - My Finds!

You saw a couple of my World's Longest Yard Sale finds last week, such as the birdcage and melmac bowl.

So here's the birdcage on my front porch…

I just love it with the candles inside!
(and no dusty old plastic ivy)

My blue Ball jars, assorted sizes.

Cobalt blue glassware…love this color!

An enamelware pitcher with measurements inside.
The little old lady I bought it from said she remembers buying it.
I didn't bother to ask when as I didn't want to put her on the spot with a date she might not remember.

A couple of perfume bottles from another little old lady.

Lovely pink depression glass cake plate.

A trio of pink spaghetti hair poodles…love these kitchy pooches!

A set of 4 tea bag rests…so cute!

An apple cookie jar.

A 2 tier stand…the little old ladies at the church sale I bought this from looked at me like I was an idiot when I bought this! 
I love these things!

A yogurt maker which I might keep or not...

An old concrete birdbath for $5…I've been looking for one!
A keeper!

2 old galvanized seed trays with great chippy paint.

An old wire basket with old books from the 1800's.

There is still a little bit left that I haven't had the time to deal with like Christmas stuff, an old wood crate, some other smalls I plan on keeping.

While I love all of the stuff above, most of it will end up in my Etsy shop.

I bought it with resale in mind and will part with it knowing there is more junk out there!

I just have to find it!

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Party


As you can tell, I'm still playing with my WLYS finds.

It's like Christmas and my birthday rolled into one!

But it hasn't all been play, I am proud to say that I weeded my flower beds in August.

That's right, normally I just give up and embrace the weeds by now.

Not this year!

You might say I turned over a new leaf…

or a few…

Let's party!

This sweet pie safe belonged to Kathy's grandmother!
It is filled with her wonderful thrifted finds.

Drop by Kathy's blog Sharing Shadymont to see her pie safe and her jelly cabinet!
And check out her bumble bee dishes!

I just love these dried hydrangeas in this minnow bucket!
The girlie flowers with the burlap bow are so sweet tucked into the old galvanized pail.

This is a true thrifty find that Jane transformed. Visit her at her blog Minnesota Junker to see more details of her charming DIY project!

This pumpkin is a reminder that fall will be here soon.
The surprise is that this pumpkin is made of fur!

I love the touch of bling on it! Drop by Catherine's blog Ornate Splendor to see her fabulous pumpkins. Yes, there are more glitz and glam pumpkins on her blog!

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Cottage Style Party & World's Longest Yard Sale

They predicted rain for the World's Longest Yard Sale on Friday.

Most of it was to be south of the Ohio river, so I headed north to meet up with Route 127 in Fairfield, Ohio.

I drove to my first sale in an old shopping center where I usually score something.

Not exactly what I expected!

Empty lot and empty tables.

Still I scored a vintage quilt.

I passed tons of empty tables from sellers worried about rain.

Finally I reached north of Hamilton, Ohio where the good stuff is!

I fell in love with these orange striped sherbets!

But I thought it over and decided I really didn't need them.

This is the woulda, coulda, shoulda buy that still haunts me!

Should have bought them…so cute!

This guy always has tons of breakables!

He was just uncovering his stuff about 8.30 when I came by.

So pretty!

More pretties in pastels!

I could hang out at this guys booth all day educating myself on different makers and patterns.

But…I moved on…

I thought at first that this was an old toilet.

But the lack of a hole in the seat was the first clue I might be wrong.

The seller explained it was a (possibly military) school locker.

Books and other school stuff were stored in the seat.

Yeah, not a toilet…

I love the roadside stands which makes for quick and easy shopping.

I bought this box full of wood blocks at this stop.

Yes, I did negotiate a better price.

My truck was filling up but there was still room for more junk.


Tons of figurines on this table.

By noon all the tables were packed with stuff for sale.

I found this birdcage with stand (and free fake ivy) at a sale off 127.

The first thing I did was remove the dusty ivy!

I always stop at sales in front of big old houses as some times they clean out their attic or basement of old stuff left in the house for the last 100 years.

Not the case at this sale...

This old radio marked "High Fidelity" reminds me of the movie with that name.

It did not come home with me though.

But this Texas Ware melmac bowl did!

This antique shop is always my last stop before I head towards home.

Next week…my finds!

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Party


I spent the weekend playing with my yard sale finds.

Every bag, every box, revealed such great stuff I didn't remember buying.

Next week I plan to show those finds to you!

What have you been up to?

This collage is just a hint of how lovely and relaxing Phyllis's front porch is.
There is just something about ferns on a porch that says lazy summer afternoons!

Visit her blog Grandparents Plus to see all the details and don't miss the old stove that was original to a cottage on her property!

I just love Martinel's hand decorated tray centerpiece!
I love that she transformed an old rusted metal tray into a work of art!

See the close up details of her vintage inspired tray and embellished bottle at her blog Martinel Handmade and Decoupage!

I adore a repurposed thrifted deal!
Cecilia's daughter found this headboard for only $2.
She brightened it up with paint and put it to good use in her flower bed.

Visit Cecilia's blog My Thrift Store Addiction to see more of her charming tea cup and zinnias flower bed!

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