Cottage Style Party & In The Garden

Let's take a walk through a July garden…

I love all the colors on this zinnia.

It rained and rained, then rained some more on Sunday.
No surprise to find these droplets on this morning glory.
(the center looks like there's a flashlight shining thru!)

More rain on this nasturtium flower.

This peach colored lily is not exactly the golden stargazer it was supposed to be.
(no smell either…wah!)

Lovely yellow rose in full bloom.

These pretty petunias change from yellow to pink…
or is it pink to yellow?

Pretty pink rose.

Dollar store glads.
Yep, dollar store, not bad!

Not dollar store glads but glads I planted last year to attract hummingbirds.
It's working this year!

More dollar store glads!

Brown eyed susans against the picket fence.
Free curbside find picket fence!

These huge elephant ears are finally fulfilling their destiny!

I think this bed is as full as it could get.
It will be divided this fall.

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Party


Have you heard the news?

A Paris apartment was just discovered untouched after 70 years!

Read about it at London's Daily Mail


Look at those photos!

Can you believe the Belle Epoque interior?

Those windows!

The vanity!

That stuffed ostriche!

For 70 years this woman paid the rent and never went back once she moved to the south of France.

I just can't stop reading about it and looking at the photos!


We have a party to attend so let's get to it so I can go back and drool a little more….

There are 2 things I love about rain in the garden: not having to water and taking photos of raindrops on my flowers.
JoAnn has the right idea with her gorgeous photos of her rain-drenched garden!

How pretty is this flower!?!
Drop by JoAnn's blog Scene Through My Eyes to see more of her wet and wonderful flowers!

I just love Diane's beachy coastal vibe she created here!
And can you believe..the first time artist painted that seascape painting?

And I love the crystal candlesticks and beach glass sprinkled on the runner around the giant sea shell! Visit Diane's blog An Extraordinary Day to see all the details including how to make your own ocean blue painting!

Have I mentioned before that I love an old quilt?
Donna couldn't resist putting this vintage quilt on her vintage summer bed design!
And that pillow was made by her Granny…so sweet!

Just look at those quilt blocks! 
Stop in to Donna's blog Distressed Donna Down Home to see not one, but two summer vintage bed looks in one blog post!

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Cottage Style Party & A Summer Mantle

I felt the need to update my mantle.

I still loved my spring mantle of birds and nests but thought I should change it up for summer.

Especially now that summer is half over!

I was inspired by this creamy white cornucopia vase I found at the Goodwill this weekend.

It looks so fresh with fern fronds and phlox!

I also found these mercury glass candle holders at a discount store this weekend.

I think they will stay on my mantle for a long time!

This antique mirror and silver-plate oil lamp are also always on my mantle.

The mirror was a find from a flea market in California and the antique oil lamp was a gift from my Dad.

This mantle is the only place the kitties can't get up on, er, mostly can't.

Here'e my finished mantle.

I didn't feel the need to fill the mantle and went with simple summer style.

I picked up this print at the Goodwill last winter and saved it for summer.

I love how it turned out!

It feels like summer without all the clutter.

And I get to use the vase until it sells on Etsy.

Shhhh…don't tell anyone!

Hello Friends!

Welcome to this weeks

Cottage Style Party


How is everyone?

Has anyone else been watching Fixer Upper on HGTV this summer?
I can't stop watching it…even the repeat episodes!
If you are not watching it (and why not its soooo good!) tune in on Thursday nights.
This cute couple takes a complete dump and transforms it into a charming cottage!
I just love Joanna's decorating style: creamy whites and rustic woods with a touch of color.
You can read her blog here and the current post is a Q&A about the show.

Let's just jump right in and get started..

I just love the Mad Hatter theme of this whimsical tea party! And the Lady Baltimore cake is yummy looking.

Sarah used an abundance of vintage linens and charming touches on her tea. Stop by her blog Hope in Every Season to see all the details and have a cup of tea!

I love Jody's French Country kitchen island. So 
The dark brown shelves really make it pop.

It is equal parts practical storage and display space which is just perfect! Visit Jody's blog Southern Seazons to see more details of her kitchen island make over and her gorgeous kitchen.

Can you smell the sweet peas and lavender in this bouquet?

This sweet bunch of flowers is from Chel's garden. Stop by her blog Sweetbriar Dreams to see more of her fragrant blooms and more bouquets!

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